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Welcome to my Site!

Hello, and welcome! My name is Summer Rain and I am a twenty one year old writer, book reviewer, and part time editor (proof reading and developmental edits). Please be patient with me while I set up this website! It's my first time building a site and I am learning. There will also be a lot of things not quite on here yet- book cover photos, book descriptions, professional author photos. I will put down what I can but everything is a work in progress.

What I will do, however, is tell you what I hope for this website. First and foremost, this is an author's website. Of course, you will find an About Me, as well as a contact page with all my social media. You will find my published works (once I publish), a countdown to the most recent release, a blog (here) with news and updates, that sort of thing. I want a clear connection with my readers, a growing friendship with you all- like that of an authortuber (author Youtuber) or author on Instagram. So, for that reason, I also plan on keeping a list of some of my most important work in progress titles (under project initials, not their actual titles), with a light description, and I also plan on keeping my monthly word count trackers here on the website for you all to follow my progress! I'll try to keep that as updated as possible, so we can take the journey of writing novels together.

Eventually, I hope to link a market for my books and merchandise, though that will take quite some time to get to. I also hope to release special artwork and perhaps short stories from my work, or excerpts here and there.

Besides the writing projects, I will be posting my book reviews on here as well, both my reviews of other people's books and, eventually, other people's reviews of my books!

If you haven't noticed, you are also free to join this website and make an account: it will have a forums community! I hope that people in the forums will be likeminded writers and readers, open to discuss a variety of topics, discuss my works and other people's works, and there will also be a section for written roleplaying, something that is near and dear to my heart. I will occasionally pop onto the forums and I'll be glad to answer questions, or join in on discussions.

This website is honestly all things me, professional and personal. I am excited for a chance at community, at improving my writing and sharing it with others, and building a supportive family of fellow bookworms!

Thank you all for checking out my website! If you join, please pop into the forums or the comments and say hello!

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