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Unraveled by Caroline Scott (BOOK REVIEW) 4/5

I have to start with this: Well done! I have followed Ms. Scott since the start of her writing, and her novels have always hit middle ground with me, a solid 3 but no more. This novel showed immense growth, improvement in writing, and a clearer story arc that I loved to see. It was a read in one session kind of book, flipping through the pages like fire. I think that Ms. Scott found her stride in this one, particularly because I think she connected with main characters August and Jericho much more than the previous Opal and Eli. There was something about their personalities that just clicked and seemed a lot more real. I usually don’t like stories that have an already-established relationship, but when this story began with the friendship between August and Jericho, it was done well enough that I didn’t mind at all.

I enjoyed the plot, for an entertaining, fast-paced short story. I liked the strife set up from the first novel, with August being powerless, and I loved the payoff of the romance in the end. The chemistry was more believable, and even though the story is simple, it was more than enough to be entertaining. I also will note that the editing was improved.

Overall, I think this gives the series a great leg up, and I can’t wait to see where it goes next.

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