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The Turn of the Screw (BOOK REVIEW) 1/5

The Turn of the Screw is a 1898 classic horror story following a governess and two children. To avoid spoilers, I will simply describe it as a ghost story with a twist. While I personally know people who would rate this a 5/5 reading experience, it didn’t hit the mark with me at all. Because of its dense language from the time, I truly struggled to sink into the story. The moments that I did lose myself in it were short lived, often lost me or entirely bored me. I know it’s a classic for a reason, but it wasn’t my cup of tea. I like the concept of the story, and the characters, but a modern retelling would be much better in my opinion- or even just watching the movies that have been done. So I give it a shockingly low score, and can’t recommend it for anyone who doesn’t read classics regularly.

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