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The Self-Publishing Blueprint by Daniel Willcocks (BOOK REVIEW) 5/5

I can say that I have found a must-read in the world of writing craft books, not only for self-published authors but for all authors. The Self-Publishing Blueprint by Daniel Willcocks is not only concise and well put together, with wildly helpful information, but it is beyond funny and personable. It felt like having a conversation over coffee with the author himself- I feel, upon reading it, that Daniel Willcocks is an old, personal friend of mine, imparting advice from one writer to another. I have read many writing craft books, and often I put them down and pick them up again over and over, unable to focus on it for too long. This was not the case with the Self-Printing Blueprint. There I was, 7 AM on a Tuesday morning, pacing the shallow end of my pool with his book in my hands, enamored in my read. I spent two hours in that pool, with the quiet and peace of the day, lost in this "conversation" with Daniel, learning from his sage advice and his personal experiences in publishing. It was the most peace I got all week, reading the book in one go and marking it down as one of my favorites for writing craft. There are several pieces of advice I've not seen in other books in the genre, and I actually went to the trouble of making notes on things to go seek out, including the other recommended books mentioned at the end.

Overall, this novel is relatable, witty, and a must read. It's exactly what it says; A blueprint to follow. And as a writer, isn't that what we all seek out? Something to tell us where to go next, how to navigate the waters amongst hundreds of others?

Brilliant read, one to keep on my shelf for quick reference. Will be looking for more of Mr. Willcocks' work in the future.

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