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The Problem With Uncle Teddy’s Memoir by Ed Charlton (BOOK REVIEW) 5/5

This novel took me by total surprise! An unexpected wonder of a tale, Mr. Charlton’s “The Problem With Uncle Teddy’s Memoir” is chock full of humor and adventure. I usually don’t go for this type of book, but the odd formatting and unusual storytelling drew me in. Even though the concept was rather humorous, the writing was serious, enough to bring me into the folds of drama in this new world, with these new creatures. I quickly grew invested on what happened to Uncle Teddy. The struggle of publishing his story, shown throughout the book, was truly wonderful as a detail, and the story portions were quick to fly through.

My fiance and I read this one together in a single night, a rare feat for us, and I’m so glad we did. As a sci-fi tale, it is understated and completely scratches an itch for the genre, making me want to read more. The twist of the story was lovely, and I loved the characters. Most of all, I love that this novel ends ambiguously on what happened. Was it on purpose? Was it accidental? That wonder keeps people thinking for days after reading.

An absolutely glowing novel, I highly recommend giving it a read for a quick dash into a Sci-Fi story with some heart.

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