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The Modern Breakup by Daniel Chidiac (BOOK REVIEW) 1/5

I had every hope in the world of enjoying this novel, which I had seen so many ads for with wonderful quotes from within. But upon getting the novel, it was… Not what I thought. I was expecting a wise, witty rundown of why people today clash, don’t communicate, and struggle through relationships. Instead, I was met with a horrific portrayal of the modern dating scene. The characters, in my opinion, were quite shallow and stupid, and the premise quickly bored me. I hate the portrayal of people, human beings, as being so purposeless and vapid.

Maybe it was realistic, maybe it wasn’t, but this novel spiraled quickly into something I had no interest in reading, and I just couldn’t get through it. I mean no disrespect for the author, but this book was hyped up to be something it isn’t.

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