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The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupéry (BOOK REVIEW) 3/5

A beloved book by many, I’m left not sure what I think of The Little Prince. On one hand, I can clearly see its charm. As with many children’s books, it has a whimsical nature to it, uplifting and filled with curiosities. It’s cute, to say the least, following the journey of a little prince from a little planet, who goes journeying across the galaxy. This novel brings with it a wealth of meaning, as you learn alongside the little prince what sorts of people inhabit the world. It’s meant to teach you to be inquisitive and understanding, and I feel like it does a good job in doing that. Anyone can pick up the subtle lessons to be learned within this book. There are a lot of important themes, including loneliness, appreciation, friendship, love, and loss.

I was lent this book by a friend to read, and she clued me in on some of the deeper symbolisms, including some Mormon beliefs. At surface level, this novel might seem like a charming little tale, but there’s much more to it than meets the eye. I don’t even want to say much about it, because it is simply one of those books you have to read- and process- for yourself. I also think this is one of those novels that hits people differently. My friend cried at the end of this novel- I did not. It depends on the person, and their experience reading it may differ.

For me, I found it to be an interesting little read, not bad in any regard. But I don’t think it resonated with me personally, thus the average score. Both myself and my friend concur: There is nothing to say about this book, except that you need to read it yourself.

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