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The Crucible by Arthur Miller (BOOK REVIEW) 3/5

Let me note that in judging this novel, I had to be lenient on two things. Firstly, the format, it’s written as a play and not as a classic novel format. Secondly, the age. It’s an old novel, depicting a much older time period, and for that reason, like many classics, the speech is a little dense and it might not be as enjoyable to read as a modern novel- unless you like classics, which I don’t. But I try not to let that affect my review unless it really dampened my reading experience, and in the case of The Crucible, it didn’t, so I’ll forgive it.

The Crucible is a retelling of sorts, of the events leading up to the hanging of those accused of witchcraft. What I didn’t expect was to find a decent tale of struggling relationships, and honor in death. While it may be boring to some, there were a few good parts that I enjoyed, and some lines that stood out to me as well. There is a lot to think about here, on dignity and accusation, and while I can’t rate it as more than an average good read, I enjoyed it. There’s really not much to say for the Crucible, except that I do think everyone should read it at least once. It has insight to it that is still relevant today, and it’s not hard to see why it is often included as part of a high school curriculum. I will say, however, how very relieved I am that some ages and details were changed in the play, rather than keeping it historically accurate- because the honest history is grueling.

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