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Plans for 2022~ An Update

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Hello, everyone! This holiday season has been a wild one, bringing with it more difficulties than I expected, and putting a serious crimp in my plans. Firstly, I utterly failed NaNoWriMo. Between a week long writer's conference (Hello, my 20booksto50k friends!) and my sister visiting for a week during Thanksgiving, I only managed about 7,000 words for my WIPs, and about 5,500 words for other projects like book reviews. It was a complete fail for writing.

Now, as I write this on 12/8/21, I have... exactly 0 words written for December. I've been swallowed up in Christmas plans, travel, and other things, completely neglecting the passion that is my writing. However, I have been doing some important things as well, so it's not entirely a misuse of my time. I have:

- Gotten a copyright done for Bleary Eyes.

- Begun preparing to buy my ISBN & Barcode for Bleary Eyes. - Put Bleary Eyes' physical manuscript for the first draft into a binder to edit by hand. - Gotten into the final stages of Bleary Eyes' cover art. - Started advertising my editing services. - Applied for a DBA for those editing services. - Gotten up to 420 followers on my bookstagram.

- Started my newsletter here (be sure to sign up, bottom of the main page)

Some photos of the manuscript- along with a sneak peak of the prologue in the first draft!

Though it may not be high word counts, these are just as important little things. That said, however, I am eager to get back to work, and I'm setting higher goals than ever for 2022! My goals include: - Writing 30k words a month, each month of 2022 for a total of 360,000 words. - Reading and reviewing a minimum of 5 books a month. - Taking on 3 editing jobs per month depending on length. - Editing & rewriting Bleary Eyes to prepare for publishing.

- Completing the first draft of the sequel, project RBE.

I will note that I may do some kind of instagram word count post once a week to show where I'm at on my monthly goals- like every seven days? Not sure about that yet, but I want to keep myself accountable.

As for my writing besides Bleary Eyes, I am going to list my current WIPS here for you all, with their genre. I will be working on these when I'm writing, and may occasionally mention them by these coded project names!

Current projects:

- BE:DSS - YA Paranormal Horror with Mental Health themes - BEPJJ - YA Paranormal Horror with Mental Health themes

- BEPJM - YA Paranormal Horror with Mental Health themes - RBE - YA Paranormal Horror with Mental Health themes - RPE - YA Paranormal Horror with Mental Health themes

- AE - YA Paranormal Horror with Mental Health themes - CE - YA Paranormal Horror with Mental Health themes - GFT Vol 1 - Paranormal Folklore/Mythology - 2C - Adventure Romance - 3B - Adventure Romance - AGW - YA Paranormal Thriller - IB - Multi-Genre Romance - IOP - YA Sci-Fi Adventure - NH - Thriller Romance - RTS - Sci-Fi Thriller Romance

- SF&F - Fantasy Romance - TC - Fantasy Romance - TRFER - Horror - W - Horror Romance with Mental Health themes

- 1912 - Paranormal Dark Academia Romance

- GK - Paranormal Romance

- DMH - Contemporary Romance

- TP&TP - LGBTQ Fantasy Romance Erotica

- ASD - Romance Erotica

- SENS - Romance Erotica Now, I've listed about 20 projects here. I will likely not finish 20 in a year... or even two years. Some of these are shorter, but the majority of them are full fledged novels, ideally around 100,000 words. However, I bounce around a lot. My goal is to finish maybe 5 of these, first draft wise, in order to release multiple books in 2023. But for now, they're just projects with code names. We'll see how they turn out! For some non-writing goals for 2022, I have:

- Read and review 80 books

- Reach 1,000 Instagram followers

- Publish Bleary Eyes & reach 200 copies sold

And now for my final big 2022 news! I will be doing BOOK GIVEAWAYS! That's right! Once a month- probably the 20th of each month- I will send out a free book to someone on my Instagram: where I do my book reviews. It will always be a new release book. I'll announce it at the beginning of the month, give about 10 days to enter by following, liking, commenting, and tagging someone, and then I will send the book- along with some promo material for my novel Bleary Eyes- out at the end of the month to those eligible within the US! Drumroll please, as my January giveaway will be:

New release, Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan! Not only will I be giving away a copy for free, but I also bought myself a copy and will be reading and reviewing- and happy to do a buddy read with whoever wins the giveaway, if they wish.

How exciting- lots to look forward to in 2022! I'll be working my butt off. We'll see if I can reach those goals amongst the hectic chaos of everyday life. But I have a really good feeling about this year! I truly do. It's going to be a great year.

Comment down below with your plans or goals for 2022! Much love, guys. Happy New Year to you all.

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