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October 2021 Update

Update on my monthly goals. As of tonight, two days before the end of the month, I have:

- Written over my 30k word goal (my first time reaching 30k in a month, I'm thrilled)

- Read 8.5 books (I'm counting my nearly 600 pages of IT)

- Reviewed 8 books

- Finished my first draft of my first novel

So the only thing I fell short on was that my original goal was to read and review 10 books, not 8- but you know what? I have two days still to make that happen.

It's been an insane month. Next month though, I'm upping my goals to fit NaNoWriMo! I've gotten to a point where I know, if I focus and am inspired, I can easily write 1,000 words an hour, so I can work on writing 2,000 words a day in November (or surplus, to make up for days I can't write), to try to reach a 60k word goal!

So my November goals include:

- Write 20k for Project TC (An Adventure Romance I'm working on) - Write 20k for Project IB (A Multi-Genre Project I've had forever but have barely started) - Write 10k in some of my short story projects (of which there are a few)

- Write 10k in Project GfS (Another Romance I'm working on) For a total of a 60k writing goal As well as: - Read and Review some of my old favorites such as: The Harry Potter Series (7 books) and Twilight Series (6 books if you count the new books for it)

- Read and Review 10 other books (hopefully a few of which will be Non-Fiction for Non-Fiction November, as well as a few Indie books published by people I know that I've been meaning to get to for forever.)

- Finish 4 video games I've been trying to finish for ages, in my free time, when I need downtime from writing or reading. So October was a busy busy month, but I am going to enjoy my weekend, and I am going to start November with a bang. Setting high goals, let's see if I reach them! I will be attending a writing conference- 20Booksto50K at Bally's Las Vegas- from the 8th to the 12th, and that might disrupt my goals a little bit, but it's going to be full of valuable learning and networking so I will be excited regardless.

Also, even though spooky season is over, I still have a lot of spooky books to read and spooky vibes to write, so I'll be working on that in November as well. Please feel free to comment with your own goals for November. :)

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