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My Kpop Boyfriend: Lucy Book One by Amelia Han (BOOK REVIEW) 3/5

I should note that I am a Kpop fan, and what I expected from this was the classic: Girl meets Kpop idol of some kind, instant attraction, he wants her and has to keep her secret, sort of romance. But I was pleasantly surprised. Certainly, some of those elements are true. If you are looking for a cutesy little read of a young girl meeting a hot stranger, then that is exactly what this is. An average read, for me at least. But what catches my attention is the way it ends. For me, a novel often must be an enclosed story- even if it’s a sequel, even if it ends on a cliffhanger, the main theme has to run its course and close. That’s not what happens here.

The beats of My Kpop Boyfriend: Lucy are as follows- spoiler warning for the novel: Lucy’s best friend plans a trip to South Korea. Girls go to South Korea. Girls go to club. Girls meet unsavory men. Lucy meets Mino, a Korean actor and idol. Immediate attraction, dancing, romancing. Scary presence ruins the moment. Lucy becomes determined to ignore this and meet him again- because they had something.

A fairly linear, normal storyline- but the end was a bit sudden for me, and I felt like it should have had more. If you think about it, the book encompasses two real full moments: The moment in America when the trip is made, and the moment at the club where the romance is started. I suppose it is a novella, so I can’t blame it for being short, but I was left feeling like it was a chapter in a fanfiction- and not a full story itself.

That said, I kept my score at a solid 3. If you take it for what it is, this is a nice, short, contained read. It has a fair twist, which I enjoyed and found unique, and it did have a nice cliffhanger at the end that makes me want to grab the next novel. In that, it did its job, and I don’t think it’s a regrettable read. Instead, I would encourage people to grab it if they like short doses of suspense romance with a Korean themed twist.

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