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McCool Mythos: Tales of the Dark and Mysterious by M.I.H. & John R. McCool (BOOK REVIEW) 4/5

I review a lot of anthology novels, and even when done by only one author or two authors, they’re usually a mixed bag. So color me pleasantly surprised: I really enjoyed nearly every story in this collection of shorts. I found the brother-sister duo of the McCool siblings to be a good pairing- they both are excellent writers. The stories all were well described, well plotted, and many had interesting twists or unusual ends. The one irksome thing about the novel was the formatting- while it looked great, my copy had different sizes in text, in spacing, and just overall could have used some touching up. However, it featured incredible artwork, and set the vibe rather well. Some of the latter half of the novel really blew me away with the way the stories went.

While I don’t want to spoil the stories themselves, I will say that my favorite stories in the book were Diem by M.I.H. McCool, Don’t Forget that Sarah Existed by M.I.H. McCool, Wisteria Manor by M.I.H. McCool, May Queen by M.I.H. McCool, The Night Shift by M.I.H. McCool, and Reflection by John R. McCool III. My least favorites included Home by M.I.H. McCool, Just Like Me by M.I.H. McCool, and Awaken by John R. McCool III.

Overall, I really enjoyed this quick series of stories. As a writer myself, it is my belief that you write better when you have someone to bounce your writing off, and I think that worked in their favor. It’s a book I’m happy to keep on my shelf with my other dark and mysterious horrors, and I really hope to see these two work together again with more McCool Mythos in the future.

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