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I'm a Therapist & My Patient is in Love with a Pedophile (BOOK REVIEW) 5/5

Book number two and I just dove right into it. Dr. Harper- the character, not the writer- is in a whole new place! While I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t read the book, I will say that the location and change of circumstances is a welcome one. The fresh faces and interesting backstories are enough to draw you right back into what poor Dr. Harper is dealing with. Learning the rhythm of these books, I found less surprise over the formatting, and was able to greet it like an old friend, following along easily through the back and forth of chapters in the present- and chapters in the past, weaving the story together.

However, this book comes with a massive trigger warning. While the first book had stories that were nothing to sneeze at, this book takes a much darker and heavier turn into subjects like pedophilia, human trafficking, drug use, diseases, and more. As someone who loves seeing darker topics tackled, this went a very long way for me. My favorite thing about this novel is the portrayal of HIV, without some work around, an honest show of getting it and living with it and having it be accepted, like any other chronic disease. As a Diabetic, I adored seeing someone who has an illness they have to deal with, without any magic way of getting rid of it. Also, losing the ear- I love disfigured main characters, and it’s not dealt with enough.

Every story was interesting and dynamic, every twist was dramatic, and like the first book, it didn’t feel like too much. It felt unbelievable verging on the believable and I loved it- and the ending was simply phenomenal. There’s nothing more I can say, besides go read this book. I’ll be reading and reviewing the third book next.

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