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I'm a Therapist & My Patient is Going to be the Next School Shooter by Dr. Harper (BOOK REVIEW) 5/5

Let me just start by saying that, at the point of reviewing this novel, I have read all three in this series and plan to review them all. I utterly love them. These were entirely unexpected to me. The cover and title is interesting enough to catch the eye, encouraging people to grab them, but I honestly had not known what to expect. I hadn’t heard of anyone who had actually read these little gems, and I wondered if they were a little over hyped just because of how they look. I no longer have any wonder- these books deserve the praise they get. I think this one is my favorite, only because of the utter shock I experienced when it was done!

This book is a hell of a page turner. An amusing read, to be sure, but it shocked my system with clever twists and unexpected differences from books I’ve become used to. Dr. Harper- kudos to them- has crafted a unique experience with their own formula. I love love love the format, the way this book bounces between the stories and the notes, putting you in the mind of this therapist and his descent into a rather kooky situation. I was expecting this to be an anthology, and was surprised to find everything beginning to fall into place and connect, with a consistent and fluid plotline. Dr. Harper must have done some incredible plotting for this trilogy- the dedication to /r/nosleep didn’t escape my notice- because I believe this novel to be very well thought out and well written. It has clever, if not sometimes slightly unbelievable (but just enough to be believed anyway), twists.

I also have to compliment the art of the novel. Not just the cover, but the art within was lovely as I read, adding charm to the book.

To list a few more things- I love the characters of this book. It was very easy to fall in love with them, or hate them, and want to see what was going to happen. I wasn’t expecting the end of this novel at all. In fact, the entire story really isn’t what you would think, and I really count it as an incredible read, one of my new favorite short trilogies. My reviews of the next two will no doubt be just as glowingly positive.

The only bad thing I would say is that this novel has some really wild things happen, voyaging into the unrealistic. But… it comes with it an air of “this sounds bizarre but could totally actually happen”. So if you aren’t too skeptical, and just enjoy the story, that really isn’t a negative. It is fiction, after all. I am a judgmental reader, and often will hate a novel that has plotlines verging on too crazy and unbelievable- but this novel pulls off every single wild story, and I love it for that. A truly incredible read.

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