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Her Vigilant Seal by Caitlyn O'Leary (BOOK REVIEW) 1/5

To start this review, let me say simply that it wasn’t for me. I read romance and erotica regularly, but the Navy Seal trope isn’t one I have ever been interested in before. Still, I decided to give it a chance. I immediately found myself facing several unbelievable details and inconsistencies. From the descriptions of the characters, to the clunky dialogue, I had a hard time sinking into the story. Many aspects of the novel were written from a convenient position, meaning that things “just worked out”, with no plausible reason and nothing to back it up. I found chemistry issues between the main couple, with a poor dynamic in how they acted together, including the overuse of the main character being called “honey” by her love interest.

I got off to a bad start, clearly, but as I continued through the novel, I really struggled to enjoy the story. It just never quite recovered, and the ending completely ruined the book for me. I didn’t manage to get emotionally invested with any of the characters, I cringed and fought through most of the book, and between the grammar issues and the flat story, it’s just not doing well for me. I am honestly surprised I managed to finish it. I mean no offense to the author, but this novel just really didn’t strike the right note with me.

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