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Help! My Facebook Ads Suck! by Mal & Jill Cooper (BOOK REVIEW) 4/5

An incredibly important part of the publishing process, indie authors constantly fail to grasp how to do ads. I’ll admit, I fail at it myself! Mal & Jill’s handy little guide to Facebook Ads is what gave me the push to pursue my own ad adventures. They make it seem a little easier and less intimidating to test your marketing skills. The only thing I would say that detracted from this novel, was that certain aspects in the later half seemed a bit confusing, and I wish they were better explained, step-by-step. The photos meant to show examples weren’t well printed in the paperback version, and of course, I couldn’t just click the link like the ebook version, so it caused a bit of a disconnect in the helpfulness of the novel. It may just be me, with some of it going over my head. I recommend going with the ebook for this particular novel. Most of it was easy to follow and informative, however, and I will gladly be taking some of the advice.

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