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A Bleary Poem

Written with the inspiration of my novel, a short poem I penned recently. Please be warned- I am not a poet, and I don't claim to be. But hopefully this will give some insight into the bond between Axel and Winter. If you replace "Bleary" with "Depression", it'll make perfect sense.

So here goes.

"If I Said It Was Okay" - Summer Rain.


If I said it was okay, would you give me a call?

Tell me all your secrets, all your triumphs and downfalls?

If I said it was okay, would you hold my hand?

Wear something that I gave to you, maybe a silver band?

If I said it was okay, would you say my name?

Laugh loudly and be free, a winner of life’s game?

If I said it was okay, would you love me back?

Or more importantly, yourself- can Bleary give you slack?

And if I claimed it wasn’t, not okay nor fine nor dandy,

Would you turn away from me and burn your throat with brandy?

And if I should give you up- reject, renounce, and spurn you,

Tell me, would you call my bluff, after everything we’ve been through?

If it is okay

Can we sit in silence?

Or maybe spend all day

Avoiding self violence?

If it is okay,

Would you let me know?

Or are we meant to pay

For things Bleary can’t let go

And even if it isn’t,

I’m here to tell you now,

I’m waiting here, transparent,

As long as you’ll allow


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