Summer Rain's Biography

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    When it comes to writing, Summer Rain writes with three consistencies across all her novels. 1. Third person, always. 2. Often dual or multiple perspectives- or stories featuring multiple characters. And 3. A focus on mental health and the intricate relationships people have with one another.


     Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, on an early October morning, Summer grew up with her grandparents. Getting a slow start to reading at a young age, she met a gifted teacher who not only helped her learn to read with the rest of her class- but who instilled a lasting love of reading. Before long, Summer was far above the reading level of her grade, winning awards for her reading and writing. 

     At the age of eleven, encouraged by her love of technology and the internet, she began writing fanfiction on Quotev.com- where she had several successful fanfics that reached thousands of readers. She went on to step back from fanfiction writing to pursue hobby writing, specifically roleplaying on forums, where she met many talented writers and honed her craft.

     In 2020, at the age of 20, she was inspired to write "Bleary Eyes", and finally settled on novel writing. That, and many side projects, emerged and became her focus.

     Summer Rain currently lives with her mother, grandmother, and three cats- Sammy, Sora, and Tsuki. She is a Japanese learner, with an interest in attending college for Asian Studies. She enjoys video games, books, swimming, bowling, hiking, and tourist attractions. Her favorite genres to read are horror and romance, and she writes horror, romance, paranormal/supernatural, and fantasy.


     Summer Rain hopes to publish three to four books a year in the upcoming future. She is also a book reviewer, averaging 5 - 10 books a month, and takes editing jobs for proofreading and developmental editing on the side. Her edited works currently consist of My Lucky Star by Kamiya Jun.

     She credits her uncle, the poet R.K. McLean, her mother, the poet Barbara McLean, her grandmother Katherine McLean, and her three best friends, fellow writers Knieka Hodgson, Aditya Modak, and Xenon L, as her biggest supporters and inspirations in her writing. 

     There also needs to be a special nod to her regular series artist, Makhiyo Sy, for her character artwork,  to Miha Brumec for his cover artwork, and to Andrea Dalla Bona for his amazing map artwork.