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Summer Rain

Author of Bleary Eyes (pub. 10/10/2022)

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Latest Release

Bleary Eyes
(October 10, 2022)

     Axel Dunn is certain he doesn’t have any interest in his future- he barely has interest in his present. A disappointed mom, an absent father, two wildly different brothers, no friends to occupy his life, and the only thing to ‘look forward’ to seems to be his English class and the latest Red Hot Chili Peppers album. That is, until Winter Jozefson, the girl across the street, becomes his English partner. She has powers, powers she doesn’t entirely understand, and when Axel finds himself face to face with the dark parts of his mind- in a very physical form- there’s no doubt that Winter is to blame.

     It’s near impossible to face problems you can’t see- but now, the monster of Axel’s mind is right in front of him, and growing stronger every day. Pairing up to send it back to where it came, Winter and Axel must examine what made it in the first place: an illness Axel swore he’d never talk about, not to anyone. The more Winter pushes for answers, the more she becomes desperate to put things back to normal, and the more Axel knows things might never be normal again.

     Yet, with each day as they unravel Axel’s problematic mind to find their secret weapon, something evil prowls the small Northern California town of Caligo. People are dropping like flies- apparent “suicides”, the authorities claim, a sudden wave of depression overtaking them. Axel and Winter know better. Suicide isn’t suicide when it’s influenced, it’s murder- and the murderer is a monster straight from Axel’s head, one that has only ever been a danger to himself… until now. Now, it’s going after everyone he cares about, and they don’t even see it coming.

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     Bleary Eyes is incredibly well-written, and I can not stress how beautiful and important the message of this novel is. I highly recommend you read it and push those who have ever struggled with their own minds to do the same.
     This book does not shy from the dark, it does not run from the pain and hatred of your mind. This book looks at the dark and the ‘taboo’ topics, and instead of turning away, it runs straight into them.

Review Quote by Joleen Jones

Praise & Reviews For Bleary Eyes

      When the horror hits, you feel the impact, you feel the fear and most of all you can feel the soul that Summer Rain has poured into every word.
      Repeatedly I was proven that everything that she did was intentional, from the transition snowflakes and light bulbs down to the subtlety of the characters actions. The imagery can be so striking or cold at times that you may feel like the author is painting a picture directly into your mind, most importantly however is the fact that this book has taken me on a bit of journey of self discovery, by painting depression in such a striking way, I believe the author may give some people a way to personify their demons to help them combat them.

Review Quoted by Devin Ellison

      Summer Rain, in her debut novel, introduces a unique monster made of literal nightmares and the darkest thoughts of the human mind.

     A unique exploration of teenage depression and trauma, Bleary Eyes is a potpourri of paranormal fiction, fantasy, and horror, with a tinge of 90's rom-com and teenage drama. Highly recommended for readers of YA paranormal horror.

Review Quoted by Aditya Modak

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About Summer Rain

An up and coming author, Summer Rain is twenty three years old and resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her family, wife, and cats. A lover of romance, horror, and mental health themes, she honed her writing as a hobby for ten years, until she decided to follow her dream of becoming a novelist. She also does book reviewing in her spare time, and works part time as a proofreader and developmental editor.

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